Our motto of kindergarten at Bloomfield Christian School is “Nascantur In Admiratione” (Let them be born in wonder)!

All learning begins in wonder and our kindergarten program is designed to foster and cultivate the child’s innate sense of wonder and discovery in God’s creation.

It is no understatement to say that kindergarten is one of the most important years of a child’s education. In kindergarten, children begin to form habits that will serve them their entire lives. A positive kindergarten experience will shape a child’s attitude toward education for many years to come. We want our students to love learning their whole life!


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Our Kindergarten curriculum encompasses all aspects of learning including Bible and history, math facts, phonics, reading, spelling, music, and, of course, plenty of recess time to burn energy and play!

Our language arts curriculum provides a multi-sensory approach that combines hearing, saying, writing, and seeing as students learn the sounds letters make as well as how to form corresponding letters. By combining phonics with speaking, spelling, writing, and reading, students connect four different senses all with different pathways to the brain. This provides for a dynamic experience for every learner.

Music curriculum helps to connect the world of sound to the student’s mind and develop fine motor skills, all while cultivating a love for beautiful music. 

For our math curriculum, students will progress through the Singapore math program which slowly builds a student’s understanding from concrete, manipulating objects to abstract mathematical concepts. Students will drill on fundamental “math facts” to make permanent, basic number theory.

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Program Details

  • Kindergarten is full-day (7:45am - 2:50pm)
  • Children must turn 5 before September 1 to be eligible
  • Children will be screened for “Kindergarten Readiness” before admission during our Round-Up in March
  • Parents are encouraged to volunteer for lunch duty, in-class projects and field trips


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